Research Groups

Experimental Haematology Laboratory (HEMEXP)

Description of the research topics

The Experimental Haematology Laboratory is dedicated to fundamental and applied research in the field of haematology and immunology. It operates in symbiosis with the Institut Bordet Haematology Clinic. One of the Laboratory’s strengths lies in the very tight interaction between researchers, the Haematology cell therapy unit (UTCH) and the clinicians responsible for innovative clinical protocols. The Laboratory brings together a range of skills that make it possible to run projects taking different approaches: cellular and molecular biology, immunology, genomics and next generation sequencing (NGS) and cell therapy.

The Experimental Haematology Laboratory is essentially active in three key areas:
  • the immune microenvironment in acute leukaemia ;
  • carcinogenesis induced by the oncoretroviruses HTLV-1 and BLV ;
  • immunosenescence in patients suffering from lymphoma and chronic lymphoid leukaemia.
Our research has some very important spin-off effects, not only in improving our understanding of the immune system but also in defeating leukaemia and developing clinical decision tools. The new therapeutic approaches based on the immune system promise to be less toxic and more effective in the long term.


Principal Investigator

LEWALLE, Philippe