Seminar archives

2020-09-07 • Biopark Campus
Lung cancer: from immune signature analyses to tumor-associated neutrophil metabolism

Etienne MEYLAN, Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research

2020-09-09 • Erasme Campus
Public thesis defense : Caroline La

Caroline LA, Insitute for Medical Immunology - ULB

2020-09-10 • Erasme Campus
Public thesis defense : Maria Pia Di Campli

Maria Pia DI CAMPLI, Insitute for Medical Immunology - ULB

2020-09-29 • Erasme Campus
Public thesis defense : Emmanuelle Alaluf

Emmanuelle ALALUF, Insitute for Medical Immunology - ULB

2020-10-07 • Biopark Campus
Public thesis defense : Anouk Lepez

Anouk LEPEZ, Laboratory of Immunobiology

2020-10-16 • Biopark Campus
Public thesis defense : Hind Hussein

Hind HUSSEIN, Laboratory of Immunobiology

2020-11-13 • Biopark Campus
Shaping of long-term innate immunity by viral infections : lessons from gammaherpesviruses

Bénédicte MACHIELS, Fundamental and Applied Research for Animals and Health-ULiège