Seminar archives

2020-09-07 • Biopark Campus
Lung cancer: from immune signature analyses to tumor-associated neutrophil metabolism

Etienne MEYLAN, Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research

2020-09-09 • Erasme Campus
Public thesis defense : Caroline La

Caroline LA, Insitute for Medical Immunology - ULB

2020-09-10 • Erasme Campus
Public thesis defense : Maria Pia Di Campli

Maria Pia DI CAMPLI, Insitute for Medical Immunology - ULB

2020-09-29 • Erasme Campus
Public thesis defense : Emmanuelle Alaluf

Emmanuelle ALALUF, Insitute for Medical Immunology - ULB

2020-10-07 • Biopark Campus
Public thesis defense : Anouk Lepez

Anouk LEPEZ, Laboratory of Immunobiology

2020-10-16 • Biopark Campus
Public thesis defense : Hind Hussein

Hind HUSSEIN, Laboratory of Immunobiology

2020-11-13 • Biopark Campus
Shaping of long-term innate immunity by viral infections : lessons from gammaherpesviruses

Bénédicte MACHIELS, Fundamental and Applied Research for Animals and Health-ULiège

2021-01-12 • Biopark Campus
Antibody response to primary cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy

Shilpee SHARMA, Arnaud Marchant's team

2021-09-21 • Biopark Campus
CXCL5-mediated accumulation of SiglecF(high) neutrophils in lung tumor tissues impairs CD8 T cell responses and limits the efficacy of PD-L1 checkpoint blockade.

Francesca SIMONCELLO, Cellular Immunology laboratory, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), Trieste, Italy.

2021-11-17 • Biopark Campus
Single-cell analysis of human fetal and pediatric γδ thymocytes reveals distinct functional thymic programming

Guillem SANCHEZ SANCHEZ, David Vermijlen's team

2021-11-24 • Biopark Campus
Understanding the role of Eomes in liver CD8 T cell homeostasis

Marie LE MOINE, Stanislas Goriely's team

2021-12-01 • Biopark Campus
Maternal microbiota editing, a way to prevent neonatal asthma?

Justine SMOUT, Véronique Flamand's team

2021-12-08 • Biopark Campus
Impact of pregnancy and HIV infection on antibody and memory B cell responses to Tdap immunization

Martin TATON, Arnaud Marchant's team

2021-12-15 • Biopark Campus
Toward tumor-associated neutrophil understanding and targeting

Etienne MEYLAN, Immunobiology lab and Institut Jules Bordet

2021-12-22 • Biopark Campus
Antibody response to primary cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy

Shilpee SHARMA, Arnaud Marchant's team

2022-01-19 • Biopark Campus
Potential role of microRNAs in fine tuning sex dimorphism of the inflammatory response

Maud DENY, Mustapha Chamekh's team

2022-01-26 • Biopark Campus
Epigenetic basis for monocyte dysfunction in patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis

Laura WEICHSELBAUM, Stanislas Goriely's team

2022-02-02 • Biopark Campus
Identification by Transposon-sequencing of essential genes for chronic infection by Brucella in mice

Emeline BARBIEUX, Eric Muraille's group

2022-02-09 • Biopark Campus
The importance of functional follicular helper T cells (Tfh) in breast cancer anti tumor immunity

Mireille LANGOUO FONTSA, Karen WIllard Gallo's group

2022-03-01 • Biopark Campus
Shaping neonatal immunity by innate γδ T cells via maternal administration of probiotics

Yohannes TAFESSE, David Vermijlen's team

2022-03-08 • Biopark Campus
The impact of maternal probiotic supplementation on the newborn's immune response to IAV infection

Clara VALENTIN, Véronique Flamand's team

2022-03-15 • Biopark Campus
Regulation of type 2 helper T cells by the CD27-CD70 pathway in the context of adipose tissue and obesity

Kevin ENGLEBERT, Guillaume Oldenhove's team

2022-12-22 • Biopark Campus
Humanized mouse models for immuno-oncology studies

Anthony RONGVAUX, Fred Hutch (Seattle)

2023-04-03 • Erasme Campus
Public defense: Deciphering the cellular and molecular mechanisms implicated in innate immune cell dysfunction in patients with alcohol-related cirrhosis