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Guillaume Oldenhove Group

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The prevalence of obesity has increased dramatically over the past three decades and has contributed to the increasing prevalence of insulin resistance (IR) and type 2 diabetes (T2D) as well as cardiovascular disease, fatty liver/cirrhosis, hypertension, and cancer. Immune parameters are profoundly deregulated in obese individuals, creating a state of inflammation that affects the homeostasis of multiple tissues. Recent reports have clearly identified the type 2 axis as a major regulator of adiposity. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms that governs the function of several actors of the type 2 response as group 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2), Th2 and Treg. A better understanding of how adipose tissue type 2 lymphocytes are regulated may lead to design better vaccines and immuno-targeted therapies in the context of obesity.


Principal Investigator

OLDENHOVE, Guillaume
After his PhD at ULB on the control of immune responses by regulatory T cells, Guillaume moved in 2007 as a visiting research fellow in the Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA, to study the mechanisms that govern regulatory T cells plasticity. After his post-doc, he returns to ULB and focus his work on mechanisms controlling the development of inflammatory responses in tissues, with particular emphasis on the gastrointestinal tract and adipose tissue
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University Professor

MOSER, Muriel

PhD Student

Kevin joined the lab in 2016. He received a FRIA fellowship to study the mechanisms that regulate the immune response associated with adipose tissue. His work focuses on the role of negative costimulators that modulate type 2 immunity in the context of obesity.


ACOLTY, Valérie
Valérie has a solid expertise in cell culture, immunoassays and Flow cytometry. She has a strong expertise in the field of vaccine immunity and preclinical mouse models.
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Administrative staff

DECOT, Isabelle
Isabelle provides administrative support to different team members of the laboratory.
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Master Student


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