EMBO workshop - Pathogen Immunity and Signaling / 04 - 08 April 2022 / Saint-Malo, France

About the Workshop

Infectious diseases are one of the most important threats to human health, as exemplified by the recent coronavirus pandemic. Understanding the biology of host responses to pathogens is paramount to the development of new treatment strategies. The goal of this workshop is to bring together experts working on different aspects of the immune system and its response to infectious microorganisms. This includes:

(i) pattern-recognition receptors that detect the presence of pathogens,
(ii) the role of ubiquitin in immune signalling, and
(iii) animal models, pathogenesis and cell-mediated immunity.

These are all not only essential for the clearance of pathogens, but are also interconnected and dependent on each other. However, opportunities for scientists working in these areas to interact are rare. This meeting will close this gap by providing a forum for presentation of new and unpublished results by both established experts and early career researchers, for discussion and knowledge transfer, and for the forging of new collaborations. We will devote a session to the most recent developments in SARS-CoV-2 biology and Covid-19 pathogenesis. We hope the meeting will thereby facilitate future research integrating different branches of the immune system in its response to pathogens.