Marie Le Moine wins the BIS Award for her research on T cell memory

On November 21, 2022, on the occasion of the event "A Belgian taste of Immunology" organized by the Belgian Society for Immunology (BIS) and the pharmaceutical company GSK, Leslie Naesens from the University of Ghent and Marie Le Moine from the Université Libre de Bruxelles have both won a prize for their innovative research in immunology. This event illustrates the key place of immunology as a booming science in Belgium, both in universities and within GSK.

On November 21, the Belgian Society for Immunology (SBI) proudly awarded the prize for the best presentation in research in immunology to Leslie Naesens of the University of Ghent, in the laboratory of Bart Lambrecht, for her research project which aims understand the genetic factors that create risk for Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) encephalitis in young children. Marie Le Moine (ULB) in Stanislas Goriely's laboratory, received the prize for the best poster for her work on immune memory, which plays a central role in protection against diseases, including infectious diseases.

During this event, several other areas of immunology were addressed through presentations, including cancer immunology, infection and vaccination immunology, and pulmonary and perinatal immunology. Researchers and scientists from both the academic world and the private sector discussed these topics together.

Bart Lambrecht, President of the BIS: “We are honored to present this award to Leslie Naesens and Marie Le Moine. Their work on genetic risk factors for HSV and the role of immune memory helps refine research and bring innovative treatments closer to patients with immune system-related pathologies. Our mission as the Belgian Society for Immunology is to continue to highlight the discipline and to encourage collaboration between scientists from all sectors to innovate together. »